Responsible tourism: A step towards change

Published 23 Oct 2019

Simply travelling to the mountains and clicking pictures does not make a difference. Experience it with locals and bring a small change with a step of kindness towards the environment.

There have been many a times, when tourists go to a new place and are in awe with the beauty. However, they are the ones who never think twice before littering. After the Nat Geo issue of plastic, it has crept inside of me to do more than just little. Even after being environment friendly, I am unable to reduce the use of plastic in my own house. Plastic is just something we are unable to stop using. But can at least try to use less of it? Now talking of being a responsible traveller, it never occurs to us that we are harming the environment. Taking India as a whole, when we travel to a mountain region we disrupt it in an indelible manner. But the same person when travels abroad wants to keep it clean.  Such irony! Let us look at some of the cases which affect us and the mountains when we travel.

Avoid Plastics

Plastic is biggest aspect of destruction to our environment. Let’s revitalise your practices & thoughts a bit. Now, when we pack, remember not to pack plastic, or even if you do, do not throw it. You must have noticed trees from above looking so captivating but when your eyes fall down, there are hundreds of plastics found around.

( Revitalise Thought 1: It’s healthier to carry steel bottles and cloth bags to the mountains.) 

Leave No Trace

We have heard this but are we following it? The aspect of LNT is to preserve and nurture our environment when we travel.

 ( Revitalise Thought 2: It comprises, leave no waste, respect the wildlife, create harmony with nature, minimise campfire impacts, and much more. )

Respect the culture

The saying ‘when in Rome, Do as Romans do’ is apt here. It is all about blending into the culture of the place you visit. Do not hurt the sentiments of the locals by doing something they do not approve of.

Mainly when someone goes to the mountains or a village they want to go there to find some peace. In this form alcohol consumption is unavoidable for a few. However, it is important to understand that this is something that locals disapprove of. And, if they do, we must respect their sentiments too.

( Revitalise Thought 3: I have seen when foreigners come to India they try to blend into the culture by avoiding western clothes, and learning the language. If they can do, then why is it so hard for us to respect our own local culture? )

Sustainable Practices

Aim to make a positive aspect towards the environment in your day to day activities and also during travelling.

( Revitalise Thought 4: The main aspect of this is to respect the people, the culture, and the customs of the area where you are travelling to. )

Stay at locally owned and operated hotels

The best way you can contribute to the region is by staying at the locally owned hotels.
Revitalise Thought 5: This way you help in creating jobs and also gain a unique village experience. Moreover, you can also get the taste of hospitality of the region which is by far loved by all.

Commit to the community

By joining NGO’s and community based programs you can help in developing the local regions. These projects take up steps in bringing a change in the environment. Many NGO’s plant a sapling, clean the regions, volunteer as a teacher, etc. This not only helps the community but it is a good practice in doing something good and what we call ‘different’.

Today with Swachh Bharat Abhiyan playing a powerful role in cleaning India, we hope in this way Responsible Tourism as well can empower change. We hope that Responsible Tourism will not just be a niche or a tad fashion.

Recognition & Association

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