Published 16 Mar 2020

Har-Ki-Dun is a beloved destination among trekkers. Lying in the Garhwal Himalayan ranges of Uttarakhand, it is the best destination for first time trekkers owing to its trek-friendly landscape. This adventurous trek begins from Taluka, a small village in this region, and takes you to the lush green valley of Har-Ki-Dun through mixed forest lands along River Supin. Har-Ki-Dun valley is located at the base of Fateh Parvat at 11,666 ft.

The Local Legend

This area is also famous as it is situated in the divine valley of Swargarohini. According to the legend, it is believed that Yudhishtir and Draupadi, along with their dog, made the journey to heaven from here. It is also believed that the locals of this region used to be under the rule of the Pandava kings. Interestingly in contrast, the ancestors of a nearby village, Mori, were under the rule of Kauravas. This is the reason that the local villagers in and around this area have a quite strong belief in the mythology of Mahabharata.


is a seven-day trek and we will be covering a number of places during this time. We start from Dehradun and drive to Sankri. It is a long drive and we will spend the night at Sankri.

Next day early morning, we hit the road to Taluka, which is just a 40 minute drive. Taluka is a small market area and it is the starting point of our trek. From here, we start trekking to Seema, a small market place. En route, we are going to pass through a few villages. At Seema, we will halt for the night. Our camps will be set in open fields along the river Supin.

In the morning, we cross the river and set on for a trek to har Ki dun. There is a steep climb initially that will bring to the spot from where the beautiful Bandarpoonch & Swargarohini peaks are visible. Further trek will lead you through some beautiful meadows and jungles and take you towards Ruinsara valley. To add to your delight, there will also be some waterfalls and river streams along the way.  In another 5-6 hours, you will reach Har-Ki-Dun.

We at GIO Adventures are always trying best to enhance your India trekking experience. And so, for those who want to do more than just touch Har-Ki-Dun and come back, we have included a further trek to Jaundhar glacier located at a height of 14,107 feet.

Flora and Fauna

Throughout the trek, you will enjoy a rich reservoir of flora and fauna all around. There are several varieties of alpine flowers and plants to be seen here. You will come across thick forests of wallnuts, chestnuts, willows and chinars. Cherish the view of terraced mountain fields as you walk through lush green land of conifer forests. It is a paradise for bird-watchers and animal lovers as well.

The Local Population

The villages here have upheld their cultural traditions away from the external influences of the world outside. People here are simple and happy to talk to you. One can also appreciate the local architecture and cuisines of this place. The houses are made of deodar wood. The staple farming items here are rice, rajma and charas.

We will move at a leisurely pace, exploring the places en route and taking in the nature's beautiful spectacles. There will be no dearth of accommodations for camping and the food will be delicious. So what are you guys still waiting for? Start making plans.

Recognition & Association

Recognised by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India as an Approved Adventure Tour Operator