Published 16 Mar 2020 Author Akshara

I’m not the best around water. I mean, I do know how to swim and I enjoy swimming with a passion that belies my mistrust of the fluid. How’s that for irony, eh? I still tend to get a little overwhelmed by the idea of being a bit of plankton just bopping around in water.

Anywho, coming back to my fear... Despite it I have always pictured myself totally rocking it out in water sports like rafting, yachting, water skiing, banana boat riding with stunt doubles and admiring crowds. You know, the works. Call me weird (not to my face!) but that’s just how it is!

I finally decided to give rafting a fair shot and see if I am, in fact, as brave as my imagination claims I am. That’s how I bumped into GIO Adventures and I was completely hooked from the ‘Go!’ They were kind enough to accept that despite my friends and I being in the *cough* twilight of our youths, were all rafting virgins and gave us a sweet deal - A bright yellow raft and a guide with copious amounts of patience.

For the uninitiated, rafting involves rowing down a river as merrily, merrily as possible. In a raft which is basically a boat full of hot air. Much like a lot of people I know. *grin*. You then manoeuver said raft through rapids of various levels of difficulty. The inflatable little boat can hold a varying number of people based on its size. 

Our rafting guide rigged us with the necessary safety equipment and like the mature adults that we are, we decided to spend a decent bit time clicking pictures until we were hustled off to finally begin! A brief toe dip in the River Ganga to confirm that the water was, in fact, chilly as we were told it would be aaaaaaaand we were off! It took us the first couple of seconds to settle down but drifting down the river at leisure and soaking in the serenity is exhilarating. 

Our guide was amazing. With relatively simple instructions, he taught us to us our weight to balance the raft in the rapids. ‘leftleftleftLAAFT!’ ‘rightrightRRAAIIIIGHT’ ‘PHORWAAAARD’ ‘STAAAAAAAAAAAAPPPP’

All we would have to do is paddle and lean as per his instructions and voila! We were pros. We’d hit rapids and paddle, lean and grunt as if the paparazzi was just around the corner and any instant an award winning picture was going to be snapped. 

When the rapids evened out a little, we were allowed to get into the water and paddle around. Like the brave tigress that I am, I promptly slipped off the raft and floated around looking mighty pleased with myself.

Yep…. I was terribly proud. And brave. And undauntable. And plucky. And…and… oh shut up!
The ride was over soon enough but we would’ve loved to go on for longer. Having experimented on myself, 

I can guarantee that GIO Adventures really know how to make this experience unforgettable. The guides have a way of making you feel safe and confident and that’s all anyone ever wants right?
So just stop telling yourself you’re too old, too young, too fat or too skinny. Just kidding, no one says the last bit ever! Just go. Get onto the GIO Adventures website and book your rafting trip. Bundle up everyone from the grandparents to the new born kitten and just GO do this thing. I haven’t regretted it, I’m going to do this again and I know so will you!

Author: Akshara

Bookworm, travel junkie, food romantic and trapped in the incessant battle to lose those extra 10 pounds. Akshara has a passion for story-telling and is always on the lookout for anything that she could twist her words around and turn into an entertaining tale.

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