Little joys of Sursingdhar

Published 17 Feb 2020

( When the sun sets it brings hope for a new morning )

For a not so enthusiastic traveller it is difficult to take up a step and go to the mountains. However, taking a small plunge never hurt anyone, isn’t it? Even though, I have lived in Dehradun for most of my life, I haven’t travelled to the mountains much. The fear of heights was one of the criteria and to top it, motion sickness makes it worse. I always thought this fear wouldn’t leave me. But for a nature lover nothing is impossible. And for someone who sees beauty in everything, I had to break this wall of fear with a baby step towards the mountains.

Sursingdhar did it for me. It was beyond my imagination. You know the joys you receive from small things around serves as a gleam of light which stays with you forever. The drive was the only tough part. But preparation helped. After having arrived there I felt like I have found my euphoria. Can any place give you this amount of happiness?

( The intricacy of each flower is a motivation for every artist )

The views from the lodge were exceptionally beautiful. Witnessing the Himalayas was just breathtaking. And the rising sun while having a cup of tea is the type of rejuvenation I was looking for. The night walk on a well paved path with skyscraper tall trees on both sides is something not everyone would prefer but it does serve to reboot your life. Like it did for me!

Warm tantalising soup in a cold evening can uplift anyone. I think that was the best part of the night where I curled up by the crackling bonfire & relished a cup of hot soup. I did take that recipe from the chef! Still need to try it though.

( Mountain views and lush greenery can reboot anyone )

Sursingdhar has all the tiny adventures for a not so adventure enthusiast as it does have for all the adventure enthusiasts. The morning began with a cup of tea full of warmth & the sun rays lighting up the mountains steadily. The sunrise was simply peaceful!


( Walks along the paths into the mysteries unknown )

For the next two nights I had chosen to stay in the tents, to experience camping in my own way. Pitching the tent and gaining an insight into the whole camping activity, is something I wanted to learn and finally did it! The whole experience of staying in a tent and sleeping on the camping mattresses helped me to reminisce my childhood. Playing around with friends and building the tents at home and switching the flashlights to tell stories connected me with the camping nights. My friend and I began sharing stories under the flashlight for the night which was overwhelming.

Morning hike into the woods kept me active. Pine cones and crackling dried leaves on the trails is raw beauty which you don’t find everywhere. The panoramic views of the Himalayas from the top are jaw dropping. Being a short hike it does not take a lot of energy and everyone can indulge in it.

Flowers at Sursingdhar can brighten up anyone’s day. Tiny intricacy in these flowers attracts every nature lover. Also the three beautiful dogs made my trip. They are pawsome for sure. Delight yourself in small joys of Sursingdhar that together make for an amazing trip.

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