Published 16 Mar 2020

The Har Ki Dun valley, also known as the "Valley of Gods", is a cradle shaped hanging valley in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand. It is popular among both the first time trekkers as well as seasoned trekkers because this place has something to offer to both. It is famous for a spectacular view of the Bandarpoonch & Swargarohini peaks as well as the trek up to the popular Jaundhar glacier.

On day 1st, we will drive down from Dehradun to Sankri via Mussoorie. Sankri is a small village in the beautiful valley of Tons river. Once reached, we will go on an evening stroll to get our muscles warmed up for the coming trek. At night, we shall check into the cozy ambience of Hotel Wild Orchid.

On day 2nd, Taluka will be our next destination. One should leave early next day. Walking along the clear waters of Supin river, we shall reach Taluka through the serene greens of mixed forests in this area. Taluka is a village conserved from the hustle-bustle of city life. It's people still hold on to their strong cultural roots. It's proof is visible in the architecture of each house built here. Further on our way, we will reach Seema, a small marketplace. A little ahead of here, along the river Supin, we shall set up our tents for tonight.

On our 3rd day, We will be crossing Supin on the other side of which lies the hiking route towards har ki dun trek. On our way, we will be witnessing some absolutely awe-inspiring views of the Bandarpoonch & Swargarohini peaks. From here the trek shall take 5-7 hours to reach Har-Ki-Dun. According to a mythology legend, Swargarohini peak is the one and only way in the world that leads directly to the heaven. As per Mahabharata, Yudhistir with his wife Draupadi and their dog crossed this valley to heaven in human form and body. It is an open valley that is blessed with many water streams, lush green meadows and flower fields of many kinds. We will set up an overnight camp here.

On the 4th day, we shall extend this trip to Jaundhar glacier. It lies at 14,107 feet and is situated right at the base of Swargarohini peak. The trek from Har-Ki-Dun to Jaundhar glacier will not be easy. The way will be laden with uneven paths and steep climbs. But once you reach there and witness the magnificent glacier, you will know that all this was worth the effort. We will then trek back to Har-Ki-Dun where we shall camp out overnight.

On our 5th day, we will have breakfast and then trek to the beautiful meadows of Hata. It's a 2-3 hours round-trip trek. Be sure to keep your camera ready to capture some of the most divine shots of  nature. After a good lunch at Har-Ki-Dun camp, we will start our backward journey. After reaching Seema, we will head to see the ancient temple of Osla. You can also roam around the village, appreciating the local architecture of this place. The people here are very welcoming and one can also interact with them to understand more about them and the place.

Beginning of the 6th day will mark our backward journey from Seema to Taluka and from there to Sankri. One can take refreshing splashes in the any of the numerous streams along the way. We will rest for the night at a hotel in Taluka.

On the 7th and the last day of our adventure, we will start for Dehradun with a pit stop at Mussoorie. One can enjoy various local dishes in any of the several good restaurants that this place has to offer. There are a lot of shops selling local artifacts and ornaments. You can shop, take long walks and relax. It will take another 1 hour to reach Dehradun from here which will bring us to the end of this adventure.

Har-Ki-Dun is one of the most famous India trekking destinations and if you haven't been to it yet, we recommend that you soon make a plan.

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