• Region - Uttarakhand
  • Base Camp - Aut
  • Duration 4 Days
  • Altitute 2100m
  • Stay Rooms/Tents
  • Difficulty Mod
Tirthan Valley Trek

This trek is surely one of the finest short duration Himalayan treks which can be done in just 4 days. This trail is a paradise for nature lovers. The sheer variety of plant life and birds is something one will cherish for a long time. The Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP) is located in the Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh, India. Initially constituted in 1984, GHNP was formally declared a National Park in 1999, covering an area of 754.4 sq kms. There are three major rivers flowing from the Park, Tirthan in the South, Sainj and Parvati in the North. These rivers join the Beas river in the Kullu-Manali valley. Landscapes and ecosystems of these valleys are quite similar. Tirthan valley has the most well-developed ecotourism infrastructure and facilities. The rural and traditional character of the valley and its villages has been preserved which adds a unique flavour to this trek

The Great Himalayan National Park is a habitat to more than 375 fauna species that comprises nearly around 31 mammals, 181 birds, 3 reptiles, 9 amphibians, 11 annelids, 17 molluscs and 127 insects. They are protected under strict guidelines of wildlife protection act of 1972; hence any sort of hunting is not permitted. It also supports the variety of plant life, scattered over the park. Sainj and Tirthan are two main valleys in Great Himalayan National Park where man lives with nature for centuries. The trout fish of this region is widely popular, similar is the nature hikes and trekking

This trek in the Tirthan valley is mostly moderate but has strenuous sections during the trek to Shilt hut where the terrain is quite steep for long durations. First day of the trek we go on a hike to a beautiful waterfall and also check out the local way of life. Next day the trail meanders along the Tirthan to reach Rolla hut. The camping experience at Rolla, next to the river is surely something everyone is going to enjoy. From Rolla to Shilt hut is a demanding trek but one is rewarded with fine views of the park from some beautiful vantage points. On the last day we hike from Rolla in a different direction to an area famous for bird watching. After a sumptuous lunch at Rolla we hike back to Gushaini and towards evening one will be driven back to Aut from where one can proceed with ones onward journey

Sketch Itinanery

Day 01: Aut (900m) Camp/home stay (1500m) (Drive 1hr & Trek to Waterfall/3 hrs)

Day 02: Camp/Home stay (1500m) Gushaini (1500m) rolla (2100m) (Trek/3-4 hrs)

Day 03: Rolla (2100m) Shilt hut (3000m) Rolla (2100m) (Trek /7-8 hrs)

Day 04: Rolla (bird watching hike) Gushaini Camp/lodge - Aut (Trek/4-5 hrs & Drive 1.5 hrs)

Detail itinenary

We will all meet at Aut in the morning and from here be driven to Tirthan valley. The surroundings are very eye catching and spectacular. There is a confluence of rivers Beas and Tirthan at Larji. We drive along the beautiful river Tirthan and this off beat journey will take us about an hour. On arrival check into the home stay/camp and enjoy a hot cup of tea followed by breakfast. Post breakfast freshen up and relax. After an early lunch we set out on a hike to a beautiful water fall. The hike will take us an hour and a half to reach the water fall. We spend some time at the fall and later head back to our camp/home stay. Overnight in a camp/home stay

Today we drive to Gushaini which will take us ten to fifteen minutes .From Gushaini it’s an easy walk to enter the park which is at a pleasant height and surrounded by thick jungle which have mind blowing colours of the trees. We walk past Ropa village on the way which has traditional houses made of deodar(cedar) wood. We will be trekking along the Tirthan. The river has a lot of natural pools where you can sit and relax near Rolla. You get good views of the surrounding mountains which look majestic and magical. It will take us three to four hours to reach Rolla. We will camp here amidst nature’s bounty. Overnight in tents/forest hut

Today’s hike from Rolla to Shilt is a steady climb which varies from being steep to quite steep. There are continuous switch backs as you keep gaining height. This walk will take us through dense forest with a lot of under growth and grass. At times we will have to scramble up slopes & slide under trees during our walk to Shilt. During this accent if you are lucky you might be able to see some wild life as well. Once at Shilt hut you get beautiful views of the surrounding valleys and adjacent mountains. We spend some time at the top and take in the beautiful views of the Great Himalayan National Park and later descend to Rolla. Overnight in tents/forest hut at Rolla

This morning will we go for a bird watching hike. This is a famous hike in the GHNP because one gets a wide variety of birds in the region. Few to name amongst the many are Long-tailed Minivets, Yellow-bellied Fantails, Wall creepers, White-collared and Grey-winged blackbirds. Heavy snow in the upper reaches may bring down more exotic species, such as variegated laughing thrush, Scaly-breasted, Wren Babbler, Spectacled Finch and Golden Bush Robin. All of these may descend to lower reaches of the park from October to February. In addition to these, there are a few species of longer distance migrants which prefer GHNP in winters, are Redstart, Black-throated Thrush and Black-throated Accentor. After explorations we head back to Rolla for a hot lunch. After lunch we trek down to Gushaini and from here drive to camp/ home stay. After evening tea we get ready to leave for Aut. This journey will take us one hour but at certain times due to narrow roads the traffic jam makes the drive a bit longer. Trip ends at Aut


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